Immerse yourself into this dangerous zombie world to save people!

Students who are starting Robotics for the first time can also participate.

3 Steps to Participate


Robotics Challenge 


The 2024 UNSW Coding Challenge is an initiative supported by the government. It offers online coding courses to students in Australia, with a focus on girls and students in remote areas. Our program teaches STEM, Robotics, Coding, and Construction Engineering to prepare students for future careers and societal needs.

Host and Sponsor

Host: UNSW Built Environment

Important Date:

Challenge Preparation Period: From Summer Holiday 2023 to Term 1 2024

Challenge submission date: 1 Apr 2024

Humanoid Challenge Date and Place:12 Apr 2024 at UNSW Tyree Energy Technology

Award ceremony: 24 Apr 2024 @ UNSW Tyree Energy Technology 

We will conduct the offline award ceremony and Zoom simultaneously.



Save the world from the dangerous zombies!

Zombies are spreading rapidly in the world. To respond to this, we need to gather more materials and build safe constructions. Additionally, we must create more effective weapons to rescue people from zombies. By doing so, we can effectively defend against zombie attacks and continue our efforts for the survival of humanity…

How to Participate
Robotics Challenge

01. Select the Robotics Challenge Events

02. Learn the Course and make your robot

After studying diligently in your course, You can build your own robot based on what you have learned.


03. How do I submit to the Robotics challenge?

After completing the robot development, please send the presentation of your robot video(Youtube link) to the email


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Robotics Coding Challenge

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